Lonna Parker Evans Genealogy

Lonna Parker Evans Genealogy

Lonna Parker Evans: May 6, 1919 - April 16, 2019

This page is curated by Frank Evans (evansgmr3@gmail.com), the youngest child of Lonna P Evans.

After my mother's death I was sifting through her possessions stored at my house, including photo albums from her mother, Laurita Perez Parker. I also was in contact with my cousins, Lonna and Joanna Parker, who provided many Parker and Perez family pictures. I wanted to know about the subjects of these old photographs (many from 1900s to 1920s), so I started researching the genealogy of my mother's family. An early source was the 26 page "Saga" of the Perez family's two years in Peru: January 1890 to April 1892 by Eleanor R Perez (one of my mother's aunts) finished in May 1959. Another source was the family tree in the three volume genealogy notebooks editted by Wilfred Cedric Parker (my mother's father) in 1939. I also searched records on FamilySearch.org (free to join and provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). These data include US census records, New York and Wisconsin marriage and death records, Peru christening, marriage and death records, passport applications (Edward Weidenbach), and draft registration records (Wilfred C Parker). I learned that Lonna P Evans was the last living of 12 grandchildren of Manuel and Laura Perez and of 4 grandchildren of Frank and Mary Parker.

The old family pictures and genealogical information is communicated in the following web pages (these are linked together and the first one of the most recent family is a good place to start):
Parker - Perez family
Parker - Mueller family
Perez - Weidenbach family
Perez families in Peru
Weidenbach - Halle family

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Pictures of Lonna P. Evans from 1981 to 2017