Perez - Weidenbach Family

Perez - Weidenbach Family

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Manuel Perez y Ortiz
b 18 Jan 1860, Lima, Peru
d 5 Oct 1935, Miraflores, Peru
Death certificate
m 18 Jan 1883
Graduate of Stevens Institute, Hoboken in Civil Engineering.
Manuel's 1934 letter to Eleanor
Manuel's parents and family of uncle (Tio Pepe)

Laura A Weidenbach
b 20 Mar 1861, Baltimore, MD
d 3 Mar 1934, New York City
m 18 Jan 1883
Parents and siblings

Eleanor Rosa Perez
b 24 Oct 1883, Brooklyn, NY
d 20 Nov 1959, Milwaukee, WI
"Saga" of the Perez family's two years in Peru: January 1890 to April 1892

Carlos Manuel Perez (1905)
b 15 Jul 1885, Brooklyn, NY
d 10 March 1935, Manhattan, NY
m Margaret D Garraway on 23 Mar 1917 in Manhattan, NY
Children: John
Carlos with wife Marjorie and son John
Carlos Perez family information

Evelyn Clara Perez
b 27 Jul 1887, Westfield, NJ
d 04 Sep 1969 in Orrville, Ohio
m Austin D Gates on 05 Jun 1911 in Manhattan, New York
Children: Frieda, Beatrice, Laura, Clara, Barbara
Gates family information

Laurita Victoria Perez
b 5 Mar 1890, Lima, Peru
Birth registration
Where was Laurita Perez born?
d 12 Jun 1979, Milwaukee, WI
m Wilfred C Parker on 12 Feb 1916 in Manhattan NY
Parker - Perez family

Helen Hortense Perez
b 5 Jun 1892, New York City
d 17 Feb 1949 in New Haven, Connecticut
m Donald A Hallock on 9 Sep 1913 in New York City
Children: Donald Jr, Virginia, Robert
Helen and Don Hallock
Helen with adult children
Hallock family information

Perez children (c. 1893): Evelyn, Carlos, Laurita, Eleanor (L to R)

Helen, Laurita, Evelyn Perez (from right to left), also Elsa and Grace

Manuel Perez and daughter Helen (in Lima, Fall 1926)

1900 US Census:
Residence: Borough of Manhattan, New York City Ward 21
Household Role Age Birthplace Marital Status
Edmund C Weidenbach Head 41 Maryland
Hattie M Weidenbach Wife 38 Kentucky
Frederica Weidenbach Mother 75 Germany Widowed
Bertha Straus Mother-in-law 64 Germany Widowed
Laura A Perez Sister 39 Maryland Married
Elinor R Perez Niece 17 New York
Carlos M Perez Nephew 15 New York
Evelyn C Perez Niece 13 New Jersey
Laurita V Perez Niece 10 Peru
Helen H Perez Niece 8 New York
Catherine Higgins Servant 23 Ireland
Catherine Featherstone Servant 24 Ireland

1905 New York Census:
Residence: Manhattan, New York
Household Role Age Birthplace
Laura Perez Mother 44 United States
Elinore Perez Daughter 21 United States
Carlos Perez Son 19 United States
Evelyn Perez Daughter 18 United States
Loretta Perez Daughter 15 United States
Helen H Perez Daughter 13 United States

1910 US Census:
Residence: Manhattan Ward 12, New York
Household Role Age Birthplace Marital Status
Laura Perez Mother 49 Maryland Divorced
Eleanor R Perez Daughter 26 New York
Carlos Perez Son 24 New York
Evelyn C Perez Daughter 22 New Jersey
Laurita V Perez Daughter 20 Peru
Helen H Perez Daughter 17 New York
Lizi Kiss Servant 26 Hungary

1920 US Census:
Residence: Manhattan Assembly District 23, New York
Household Role Age Birthplace Marital Status
Laura Perez Head 59 Maryland Widowed
Eleanor Perez Daughter 36 New York Single

1930 US Census:
Residence: Manhattan (Districts 1001-1249), New York
Household Role Age Birthplace Marital Status
Laura Perez Head 69 Maryland Widowed
Eleanor Perez Daughter 37 New York Single

1940 US Census:
Residence: Ward 30, New Haven, Connecticut
Household Role Age Birthplace Marital Status Occupation/Industry
Helen P Hallock Head 47 New York Widowed owner, Electrical Household Appliances
Donald Hallock Son 19 Connecticut Single
Virginia Hallock Daughter 16 Connecticut Single
Robert Hallock Son 15 Connecticut Single
Eleanor R Perez Sister 56 New York Single
Olive Griswold Maid 39 Connecticut
Note: This information is copied from the census records and includes errors, such as Edward Weidenbach's first name and Eleanor's age in 1930.