Lonna Parker Evans Pictures

Lonna Parker Evans Pictures

Lonna Parker Evans: May 6, 1919 - April 16, 2019

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Lonna and her niece Joanna Parker (1981)

Lonna working at the Real Estate Associates (Dec 1982)

Jackie (violin), Lonna (cello), and Carol (viola) playing Pachelbel's Canon in D Major at Susanna and Frank's wedding in Calaveras Canyon, NM (June 18, 1983)

Frank and Lonna on a hike in California (1985) (with Susanna, Steve and Michelle)

Lonna's Los Alamos quartet (from left, Alice Mutschlecner, Lonna Evans, Marke Talley, Bobbie Gibson)

Lonna in her dress before her first Medieval Feast (1991) (photo by Lonna M Parker)

Lonna holding a birthday present in Frank and Susanna's townhouse in Boulder (1996)

Lonna riding Susanna's bicycle in Boulder (1997)

Lonna sitting on her couch in her Los Alamos apartment (1999)

Lonna's apartment building (1999) (She lived there from about Sep 1983 through Jan 2007.)

Lonna's pork roast dinner for Christmas 1999

Susanna and Lonna on a hike in the Tsankawi section of Bandelier (2000)

Lonna and Frank in the Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos (2003)

Frank and Lonna at the Los Alamos Demonstration Garden (2005)

Lonna's 88th birthday celebration at Aspen Ridge Lodge in Los Alamos (2007)

Lonna along the Mesa Trail south of Aspen Ridge Lodge (2008)

Jackie and Carol with Lonna in her Aspen Ridge Lodge room for her 90th birthday (2009)

Lonna at the Rio Grande River park in Del Norte (2010)

Lonna at the Elephant Rocks north of Del Norte with Mt Blanca across the San Luis Valley (2011)

Lonna receiving birthday gifts in her best room at Casa Illuminaria (2011) (She was at Casa Illuminaria in Del Norte from Nov 11, 2009 to July 12, 2013.)

Lonna viewing Fall colors above Del Norte (2011)

Frank and Lonna having mochas at the Peace of Art Cafe in Del Norte (2012)

Thanksgiving dinner at Frank and Susanna's house (2012)

Lonna and Frank at their favorite snack place (Dairy Queen) in Monte Vista (2014)

Thanksgiving dinner in Lonna room at Monte Vista Estates (2017) (She was at Monte Vista Estates in this single room after July 12, 2013.)