Frank E Parker at Carleton College

Frank E Parker at Carleton College

Frank Parker attended Carleton College in Northfield, MN from Fall 1935 to Spring 1939.

The archives at Carleton College are available at Most archive items require a college log in, however, including the Algol Yearbook. One publication that is available publicly to search is the student newspaper, The Carletonian. The excepts below are from searching The Carletonian archives for Frank Parker. Perhaps the most interesting page is from The Carletonian: May 26, 1939, page 1, which has a picture including Frank Parker. From this search we learn that Frank Parker was

Below are parts of relevant articles from Frank's senior year:

The Carletonian: October 4, 1938, page 3:
New Members Added To Econ Club Cabinet
Appointment of new members to the cabinet of the Economics club initiated the organization's activities for the year. A program of bi-monthly meetings is being planned. Frank Parker was elected president of the group last spring, and other members of the cabinet include Sabin Arnquist, Alice Liedloff, Milton Minkin, George Rossman, Don Selby, Juanita Von Nyvenheim and Elmer Wood. Dr. Karl H. Niebyl, assistant professor of economics, is adviser to the group. Central theme of the meetings this year will be finance. Several authorities in this field are being contacted to discuss such problems as foreign trade agreements, railroads, budget balancing, inflation, public works, the Mexican situation, international monetary stability and Canadian problems.

The Carletonian: October 14, 1938, page 1:
Hirschfeld Takes Office As Senior Court Judge
Landaal, Kypke, Parker Prosecute, Punish Offenders
Henry Hirschfeld has been appointed judge of the Senior Court for this year by a Men's League committee. Henry Landaal is the Sergeant at Arms, and Rod Kypke and Frank Parker are prosecuting attorney and assistant. The first court session will be held October 27, the last Thursday of this month at 10:00 p.m. In Willis little theatre, and thereafter it will convene once a month as regularly as possible. Complaint Rules. The court policy, according to Henry Hirschfeld, is to be one of correction, not hazing, and all trials will be fair. "Our main purpose is to maintain college traditions," he said. According to athe college catalogue, the senior court is "in charge of minor offenses not falling within the college regulations, and of sponsoring student traditions." If the defendant pleads not guilty, his proctor appears as the attorney for the defense. The usual sentence is a prescribed number of the proverbial swats, not to exceed 15. The convicted may, however, be put on probation at his own request. He is then under strict observation, and must stay in nights.

The Carletonian: October 14, 1938, page 1:
Clubs Council Asks Changes
... The complete membership of the Council now includes: Jack Lear, chairman; Leonard Levinson, An Die Musik; Sylvia Harleen, botony; Frank Parker, economics; Aditn Loss, French; Wilfred Corey, history; Sheldon Vance, I.R.C.; Ruth Hartley, League of Women Voters; Lorraine Tillberg, photography; Rod Kypke, politics; Alice Hunt, sociology, and Gordon Rlegel, zoology club.

The Carletonian: October 21, 1938, page 1:
Court Sets Rules For Procedure
Senior Court attaches announce that the first session on the bench's 1938-39 calendar will be held in Willis theatre at 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night ... The court will sit the last Wednesday of every month in the Willis theatre, at 10 p.m. Henry Hirschfeld will act as judge, Henry Landaal as sergeant-at-arms, Rod Kypke and Frank Parker as prosecutors, and Arild Miller as clerk of the court.

The Carletonian: October 28, 1938, page 1:
Debate Work Gets Impetus
With the subject "Resolved: that the U.S. should cease to use public funds for the purpose of stimulating business," the debate work for this year gets under way with Professor I. M. Cochran at the helm. Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, has issued the question for debate to nearly every school in the United States fostering forensic work. ... Several veterans in forensic work are expected back on the rostrum this year. They are: Don Selby, Robert Gentz, George Black, Leas Schwickert, Ken Morrison, and Frank Parker.

The Carletonian: October 28, 1938, page 1:
Societies Rush; Co-operation to Be Stressed
Rushing activities among the three men's societies started Monday night with the societies inviting prospective pledges to parties. Actual pledging will take place next week, after which will be announced a year of varied activities. ... Officers for the coming year have been chosen. The Delians elected ... Picked to lead the Adelphics were John Roberts, president, Frank Parker, vice-president, and Leas Schwickert, secretary-treasurer. At the helm for the Philomathians will be ...

The Carletonian: November 11, 1938, page 3:
28 Debaters Begin Work
Four Groups Formed To Argue New Deal 'Pump-Priming'
November 7 will find twenty-eight debaters on the rostrum in Willis theatre doing their best to uphold the art of Demosthenes. This year there will be four groups debating pro and con on the subject, "Resolved: That the U.S. should cease to use public funds for the purpose of stimulating business." Any who are interested may listen to the debates. Those debating and the time of the debates are: ... Those debating at 2:30 p.m. are: Donald Selby, Frank Parker, Leas Schwickert, Edward Jacobson, John Roberts, and Ward Fleming.

The Carletonian: November 11, 1938, page 3:
Maize and Blue Set to Stop Cornell On Laird Field Tomorrow at 2:00
Mentally and physically ready to defend Carleton's Maize and Blue from what might be her first .000 percentage rating on the gridiron in the history of the school, the Carl eleven will meet the Cornell aggregation on Laird field tomorrow with the kick-off scheduled for 2:00 pm. ... Eight seniors will play their last game on Laird field tomorrow, namely: Captain Bob Jackson, Gordy Clark, Lyle Reishus, Gordy Hiegel, Roger Lockrem, John Hlavacek, Ken Kalina and Frank Parker. Special citations are due Kalina and Parker who, although not always seeing action, have faithfully served the Maize and Blue during the past three years.

The Carletonian: November 18, 1938, page 3:
Maize and Blue Defeats Favored Cornell Aggregation 7 to 0:
... Seven lettermen ended their gridiron career Saturday. They are as follows: Gordon Clark, Captain Robert Jackson, Roger Lockrem, Lyle Reishus, Gordon Riegel, Kenneth Kalina, and Frank Parker.

The Carletonian: January 20, 1939, page 3:
Hockey Players Are Good Skates . . .
Hockey is comparatively new as an intercollegiate sport at Carleton but it is gaining steadily in impetus. It began about five years ago when John Allen managed to get the school to construct a small rink down by the stadium. It was more or less of a laughing matter then. Since then the puckmen have taken plenty of drubbings, but they have won some too. Now they are showing up well against some of the better teams. Last week-end the squad took the first real trip known to the sport at Carleton. The entire squad made the 460-mile journey to Michigan Tech where they played a two-game series. They lost the first one on Monday 7-0 and the Tuesday encounter 5-2. But they lost to a team noted for its hockey, with men who have been on skates since they were big enough to wear a pair of them. It was the third time the Carls have met up with the Tech men. Last year they took us by the decisive score of 11-0, but every succeeding game has seen a closer score. The two teams meet again on the Bald Spot rink on January 26. The two Carl tallies were made by Captain Rod Kypke and Frank Parker.

The Carletonian: February 24, 1939, page 4:
'Issues' Due Soon; Staff Is Altered
Publication to Include Ten Articles By Students
The seventh number of "Current Economic Issues," published by the Economics club in cooperation with the Sociology, Politics, and International Relations Clubs, should be off the press this week, according to George Rossman, managing editor. "Current Economic Issues" contains student-written articles concerning taxation, credit, International relations, public speaking, international trade, and other timely subjects as well as book reviews. ... the following articles will appear in the forthcoming issue: ... "Public Spending and Tax Incidence" by Robert Gielow, '40, and Frank Parker, '39; ...

The Carletonian: March 10, 1939, page 3:
9 Hockey Lettermen
Nine men were recommended for letters from this year's hockey squad. There are three senior lettermen, Don Selby, Captain Rod Kypke, and Frank Parker. ...

The Carletonian: May 19, 1939, page 3:
To Award Blankets
Tuesday evening, May 23, the senior blanket awards will be made at the senior banquet, which will be held in the Carleton tea room. Sixteen Maize and Blue athletes will be honored at this time. These men are: Rog Lockrem, Marshall Freerks, Sonny Olson, Bob Jackson, Sam Darling, Frank Parker, Tom Poore, Gordy Rlegel, Norm Sterrie, Henry Hirschfeld, Ken Kalma, Hugh Kendall, Freeland Stevens, Bill Anderson, Fred Burmeister, and Ed Shannon.

The Carletonian: May 26, 1939, page 1: An image of page 1 with a picture including Frank Parker.
'Issues' Fetes Founders; Plans a Double Number
Honor First Heads At Banquet; Paper's Progress Reviewed
The tea room this evening will be the scene of a banquet honoring the nine original editors of 'Current Economic Issues.' Three of the five members of the board who were graduated last year will be present. They are Jean Chambers, Rosemary Ferguson and John Thorkelson. It will be impossible for the other two, Jesse Burkhead, and Fred Willis, to attend. The remaining four members of the board, Sabin Arnquist, Frank Parker, Don Selby, and Robert Upp, are now seniors. ...

The Carletonian: September 29, 1939, page 4:
Grads Are Precipitated On 'Cruel World'
As usual, we find that almost half of our June graduates have gone on to graduate school, the rest finding jobs, for the most part. ... Former students employed by banks are Frank Parker, Fred Burmeister, and Robert Jackson. Burmelster is in Winona; Parker and Jackson are in Chicago.

Below are parts of relevant articles from Frank's other years:

The Carletonian: November 6, 1935, page 1:
Nineteen Answer Call for Men's Forensic Season
Nineteen men answered Professor I. M. Cochran's call for volunteers for the intercollegiate debate squad at a meetimg last Thursday, October 31. These included William Schneider, Willard Hunter, Ward Fleming, Jesse Burkhead, Robert Weise, Donald Selby, Burton Benson, Gordon Beale, Reynolds Thomas, Donald Raish, Bruce Parker, Vernon Fladager, John Stubstad, Bruce Boynton, Frank Parker, John Miller, Edward Shannon, William Brunstad, Richard Frisk. ...

The Carletonian: May 6, 1936, page 1:
Freshman-Soph Debaters Clash Tomorrow Night
Sixty-Fourth Stimson Debate Is Scheduled for Chapel At 7:15 p.m.
Promptly at 7:15 p.m., Thursday, May 7, in Skinner Memorial Chapel, the sixty-fourth annual Stimson debate will begin. A prize of $40 is offered to the team winning this annual contest between freshmen and sophomores, which this year is concerned with the question: Resolved, that Minnesota should adopt a unicameral legislature. The freshman team of Harold Charlesworth, Frank Parker, and Donald Selby have chosen to uphold the affirmative of this question against the negative challenge of Bruce Parker, Bruce Boynton, and Jesse Burkhead, sophomores. The sophomores have won the contests for the last two years. ...

The Carletonian: October 21, 1936, page 1:
Marginal Release
The Missouri Valley Conference to which Grinnell belongs doesn't look so big now. Grinnell held Creighton to 12-0, but Carleton should have licked the scarlet and black by six touchdowns. The Carls missed a half a dozen scoring chances. It does no good to hash them over now. The boys will be naturally more keyed up Saturday against St. Olaf, and should be able to push the ball over when they have a chance. Coach Gibson used every man in the Grinnell game. It was good to see Frank Parker and Ken Kalina play, a couple of loyal, hard-working and talented halfbacks, who drove all the way down by car to make the squad look a little larger. Traveling by train, there is only so much room and a Coach can't always take every good man whom he would like to use.

The Carletonian: April 14, 1937, page 3:
... Here Coach Diebold chose Frank "Keglined" Parker for a roommate. Next morning the Carl mentor admitted that even a coach could make an error, for it seems that our pudgy friend upon entering the room had thrown the window wide open, had then crawled into bed, and with a technique all his own adroitly snatched not only his own covers but also those of the peacefully (?) slumbering Diebold. ...

The Carletonian: May 5, 1937, page 1:
The sixteen sophomores who will hold floral arches for the marching seniors at the Cap and Gown day chapel May 25 were announced Monday by Winfield Foreman, appointed chairman of a committee to select them by Arthur Winter, senior president. The sophomores are ... Frank Parker, ... Selected by committee of seniors on the basis of prominence in their class, the students will perform their traditional function on the day that Coach Marshall Diebold presents the annual Cap and Gown address. ...

The Carletonian: October 27, 1937, page 1:
Frank Parker Will Lead First Forum Of Econ Club
The Economics club is going to present the first of its new "Student forum" groups tomorrow night from 7:00 to 8:15 in Great hall. Frank Parker, '39, is to be in charge of the forum which will center the discussion around the topic "The Economics of the Agricultural Situation." Chairman Jesse Burkhead promised a goodly array of fireworks for this meeting inasmuch as Secretary Wallace and his highly controversial propositions of the last few months are to be open to student analysis. This form of meeting, by "forum," has proved popular on other campuses in the East.

The Carletonian: March 23, 1938, page 3:
Carls begin training early for coming diamond season
Displaying his usual enthusiasm for baseball Coach Marshall Diebold had his nine practicing outdoors at the first possible chance and as a result Maize and Blue baseballers now have a full week of outdoor practice under their belts. ... However, Bill Anderson, and Frank Parker, junior holdovers from last year's squad, are sure to see action in the Carl infield during the coming season.

The Carletonian: April 27, 1938, page 4:
Here's Burton Guest List for Tonight
The following have made reservations for dancing tonight in the Burton Cabaret: ... Frank Parker ...