Wilfred C Parker and the University of Wisconsin

Wilfred C Parker and the University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin Madison archive has a low-resolution digital copy of The University of Wisconsin alumni directory, 1849-1919 (1921). There are a number of references to Wilfred Cedric Parker in this alumni directory.
    Under "Names" his listing is "Parker, Wilfred Cedric, B. S. (C. E.) 06. Secy. Mueller & Sons Co., 361-389 Canal, Milwaukee, Wis."
    He is listed under "Book III: secret societies" as being in "Delta Upsilon", "Iron Cross", and "The Yellow Helmet".
    Under "Book II: classes" Wilfred Cedric Parker's entry is:

This entry shows that his major was Civil Engineering, and in addition to the secret societies, he was in the Prom Committee, Mandolin Club, and Inter-fraternity Baseball League.

The other references to W. C. Parker at the University of Wisconsin archive are in "The Wisconsin engineer", "Published Quarterly by the Students of the College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin".
    In The Wisconsin engineer: Volume 10, Number 4 (June 1906), page 280-281: "The Senior theses offer a means for the carrying on of the larger part of this research, and we give below a resume of the more important theses which are furnishing results of practical value to the engineering world. ... A study of submerged weirs and orifices - M. E. Allen and W. C. Parker"
    In The Wisconsin engineer: Volume 11, Number 2 (February 1907), Alumni directory, page 192: "Parker, W.C., B.S. C. E., '06, Hibbings, Minn, Asst. to Consulting Engineer."
    In The Wisconsin engineer: Vol. 27, No. 6 (March 1923), Alumni notes, page 109: "Wilfred C. Parker, g '06, is vice-president and treasurer of the Mueller and Son Company. Business address: The Mueller and Son Company, 361-389 Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

Lonna Parker (daughter of Frank E Parker) remembers a story Uncle Cookie (Wilfred P. Parker) told about the end of life of Wilfred C. Parker. A similar story was also told by Jacob Evans (son-in-law of W. C. Parker) to his children. Lonna Parker gathered the details that follow. On November 22, 1952 the University of Wisconsin football team tied Minnesota at Camp Randall in Madison. The Badgers were selected to represent the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl. On January 1, 1953 Wilfred C. Parker watched Wisconsin lose to USC 0-7 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. The family story goes that this loss proved to be too much for our dear Opa (as our grandfather was known), and he died four days later on January 5 back in Milwaukee.